Re: Freespool/Overhead Reels


As I said in the other topic I purchased a new Daiwa SL50SHK for $184. The first challenge was spooling it properly. I took it out today, and I casted it fine with the knob on the side done up quite tight, but with it much looser I was getting small birds nests mid flight. But probably even more of a challenge than casting is the fact it has no level wind, so makes things a LOT harder. Caught a few dogfish on it and it seemed a lot of work, but I’m sure after a while it’ll be easier. But since I’ve never used an overhead reel at all, and all my fishing has been with Spinning reels, it makes things a bit harder. Anyone know of any sites that show how to properly spool non-levelwinds and guide line onto the spool etc. I’m not sure exactly how fast to move line side to side on the reel.