Re: Freespool/Overhead Reels


Much is made of the spine of the rod business .Dont bother yourself about it just stick a reel on the rod run the line out the guides and loop the end of the line around a fence post or sim .Lean back and load the rod up and see what the line does .It should run nice and smoothly between each quide without any real sharp bends if poss. Normally you might need to add 1 or 2 at the top end of the rod.

Most peole get scared off feespools due to the birdsnest effect but if you start with the reels set quite slow its rarly a problem.Even in the dark you soon get a feel for the cast and know when to put your thumb down to stop the spool once the rig hits the water.

My fishing reels are very slow compared to my tournament reels but I am not trying to cast them 200+ meters

Plus no wind up the drag pick up the line on the finger flip over the bail… cast flip the bail back over undo the drag again etc etc .