Re: Freespool/Overhead Reels


Yeah you caught me :grin:

The daiwa sl 30 is an awesome tank of a reel that has been in continuous production for over 10 years now .I have two of them and rate them very very highly .
The drags are strong the gears are nearly indestructible and when set up right they can deliver BIG casts .

First thing to understand is the braking system on freespools .

The daiwas and some abus use centrifugal brakes two small plastic brake blocks that are attached to the side of the spool . When you hit the cast the spool spins up to speed and the two blokes slide out and contact the brake ring on the inside of the sideplate.
The bigger the blocks the more braking you have. Start with the biggest and work your way down to the smaller ones if needed.

Mag brakes ( penn 525 mag abu sports mag ) As an alloy spool spins it crates a magnetic feild ( lens law if you want to google it ) If you place a magnet near that spinning spool the two magnetic fields fight each other and you get a braking effect .Big plus for this system is its ease of adjustment with most reels having a sliding switch or knob on the side to adjust how close the magnets are to the spool.

Oil braking .The above reels all run on small bearings and the grade of oil in the bearings also can help control the surge of power at the start of the cast .Have a look at TG rocket oil for how that works.

Line level the less line the more braking the reel has as the lower the line level the more spins the spool has to make to pay out more line .( Dont be tempted to fill the spool to the very top )

A sl30h with two red blocks and tg red oil loaded with 8 or 10kg line is very very easy to cast and will not only deal to most things swimming it will work for years and years..Mine have had beaten up badly dropped dunked ( cleaned after ) sandblasted cast 1000send of times landed some good fish… landed some very good fish LOL been used on boats as well had the drags heated up by kings and rays and they still keep ticking just that damm good!
I have penn 525 and 535 mags as well and they are just as awesome .
My abus are all never going to see the sea again the have all been modded for distance casting now.

IMHO A sl30 or 535 size reel is as big as need for most surfcasting .
I also have a sl50h for when the BIG sharks are around but the bigger reels are a bit harder to cast and control

I dragged one of my fixed spool rigs out the other day a solaris with a emcast on it …Felt heavy and unbalanced :lol:

Google Neil MacKellow ands have a read of his reel tuning quide lines.

The rods yeah you need to get a few more guides on the rod ideally as the last thing you want is the line to come in contact with the blank when its bent over on a fast running fish . Not all that hard to do yourself