Re: Freespool/Overhead Reels


Standard 525 mag slidys do the job.
the mag extra and supermags are just tweaked with either better bearings or a knobby mag which make sod all difference in a fishing situation.The knobby mags get in the way as they stick out of the side and jab you in the forearm.With the slidys I place a bit of tape over the actual slide to stop it getting knocked between casts.

The contoura I had just screamed !!!! the thing is the screaming is vibration and vibration is not only bad for the bearings but will be robbing you distance wise

For flinging ticers a long long way.A abu 6500 ct Or 5500 ct .Make sure its got a carbontex drag and let it fly.If your using line thats @.28mm or less a 5500 will be super sweet. If you want to use say .35 dia line a 6500 is the tool for the job.
Have a look at the 6500 and 5500 mag elite here

The abus are the best distance reels bar NONE .However they are not that flash as a general purpose surfcasting reel imho