Re: Freespool/Overhead Reels


Still here .Leave for the mainland tomorrow.

Zac has the poseidon now.
Contoura hmmmm 20 is too small( despite the blurb saying it will hold more line then a magnetix ) and the 30 is too big and both are noisy.
I have played with a magnetix as well which is the other version of the contoura as well… same problems.
They do cast well and are seemingly well built but of the ones I have seen they both screamed during the cast I got the contoura a lot quieter with a a bit of fiddling with oils and bearing fit but still annoying .Sold it after a mth

Buy a daiwa sl30h or a penn 535 both of those can be gotten for only a bit more and imho are better reels.

Rods are another whole problem.Kilwell will do freespool rods if asked .Cd dont unless you get a blank and get it made.CTS only sell blanks so you have to get them built as well.

Theres a century CME on trade me at the mo Colin the owner has a pair and will sell the two you wont get anything better in NZ for that price .
I have cast those rods and they are a sweet bit of kit .If I had the coin I would buy them ………..