Re: Freespool/Overhead Reels


I used the Daiwa SL50SHK I got when I went up to Kaikoura, also been out today to have a few casts. At first I didn’t have it spooled completely full, and I was sort of getting the hang of it. Before I went up to Kaikoura I spooled it right to the rim, and after about 3 unsuccesfull casts at Kaikoura I figured I’d put to much line on. After taking some line off I was casting it alright untill I let go of the spool mid cast and caused a massive birds nest, which I ended up cutting the line and rejoining it. After that I had problems with the two small knots joining the main line causing the line to catch up and birds nest. So I think I’ll have to respool it with new line and make sure there’s no knots at least in the length of the line I will be casting out. I think I’ve got it mostly sorted though, but it seems when I cast it sort of starts to birds nest and then sorts its self out and I just have to stop the spool with my thumb as it hits the water.