Re: Free Lead for weights

Fishy Bishy

Sadly Mili, your petty retort leaves a sour taste in many cases.
If you can’t substantiate your petty reply, I suggest you consider watching what you accuse others of, especially in public media.
If you don’t like Facebook, who cares. Others here are well justified in their comments earlier in this thread, which incidentally was about Lead for sinkers until it was hijacked by an uncontrolled spammer.
Why not post a thread expressing your thoughts on Facebook since you despise it so much. I bet no-one would post a response to it.
Why? Coz this is a FISHING SITE where members can share information on stuff about FISHING!!
AND as I am a member, just as you are, if I have something to share about anything fishing, expect to see it just as you write your ramblings about fishing expecting us all to be impressed with your offering.
Now where is the emoticon for raspberries…….