Re: Free Lead for weights

Fishy Bishy

Reply to the throw insult and run for cover Milichicken, go suck eggs you horrible little man.
I/we have done more for the NZ fishing tackle industry since 1979 than you ever will with your constant shit slinging and rock throwing and attempts to run someone else’s forum.
If you want to hijack a topic piss off and start it under another heading for yourself elsewhere.
I personally fully endorse this forum and all the good it brings and freely expose the negative tossers that throw crap to the wind thinking they are God.
Further I am hot on the spammers that frequent these threads un-moderated and will take full poetic licence against any of them!
Save yourself the energy of further souring this forum by going bloody fishing and leave other innocent members alone, yes I am talking to you Thomas, one who doesn’t have the guts to show his face or be true to himself let alone others.
Your constant negativity is not needed here.