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I think we should try and keep the list simple and concentrate on the more common speciest… I thought about wrasse but there is about 7 different species and all got a bit complicated. By keeping with the more common species we can exclude the strange tropical fish which sometimes make a appearance during the warmer months. But I agree that Sea Perch (the one people eat, not the bright orange one) and Carpet shark should be on the list.

With regards to the eels. I Believe short fin and longfin mainly live in freshwater, plus most people would not be able to tell them apart I suspect. So unless you can argue otherwise ‘1’ point for the first eel caught from the shore.

I thought about giving BP for extra ‘big’ fish but was to lazy to work out the ‘weight’ or ‘length’ for a BP. If someone feels up to the challenge go ahead. Plus it could be a touch hard to weigh a 30kg shark without killing it so would make it hard for catch and release.

Did have trout on the list to start with, but decided this is mainly a ‘surfcasting’ saltwater forum so decided to remove them. Quite a few people do not have trout license also. I included “Salmon” because it is the Kingfish of the south.

edit: added
Carpet shark,
Edited ‘conger’ to eel,
‘Wrasse’ as a generic fish.
Blue maomao

For a comprehensive list of NZ saltwater species