Re: Forum Competition


ok you guys this was a family site.. :roll:

..thank gawd you guys wont be into my single malt scotch..more for me..
..I think elmo you will be up for anything after being the slave for a week!
..Trev you will have to concrete the beach for Ron..jeez man Ive only had 3 wives and Im on my second susan..mind you one died on me(not on top of me)so that was a refund..and by crikey they are good to have around
when your crook,.its hard to get a fishing rod to make you a cuppa..I have been out today setting the sunfish and manta ray berley your fishing will be easier

I have no idea of the numbers of who will turn up…?So a lot will be by air..good space on an empty section next door for your caravan trev(just park on the front of it because of the gravel)in fact all around my place is good parking..