Re: Forum Competition


Good call Elmo, sea’s no good. Then we will indeed just have a right ole West Coast or Birdlings Flat P–s up. Buggar the Single Malts though. I hated malt when I was a kid :grin: . But like I said, I will bring the Tea bags if Ian just wants a nice hot cup of tea. Would bring my wife, but buggar don’t have one of those. She buggered of after I bought my first surcasting rod and reel, now what year was that :grin: so I will just bring my latest rod and reel. Just in case its needed for a fish. In any case, no matter what, Birdlings Flat here I come.

Was talking to Ron tonite. He is buggered afta the Mokihinui Comp, all that walking in wet soft sand, he reckons. I told him he is just getting old

Cheers Trev