Re: Forum Competition


Now Birdlings, thats what I call good thinking. A laid back competition, with non edible species like Seven Gillers and Rays being let go after recording. And the eatie ones can be weighed, digitally captured also ( I Ilike that) then headed and gutted. And honesty is of course the best policy. And if not all Have a camera or photo capable CP, well then we just cant admire the pic. At tall tales night.

I will be targeting Sun Fish, which I admit are pretty hard to snare, but they sure do grow big. Havent managed to catch one yet. Have been trying for Years, but I aint a quitter. A nice big flying saucer as a bycatch would be acceptable tho. See Mili is gunna target the large sharks. So I will take care of Sunfish and Manta Rays. Anybody else have a target fish they are after.

Cheers Trev aka Hardy