Re: Forum Competition


I really must get myself organized and purchase crimps for the contest so I can target sharks. Looked at them on TT and DFS a few times, but to lazy to look for my credit card.

Took tonight off fishing so I can get jobs down, It is now 9:30pm and have done none of the jobs I planned on doing. Was suppose to pack for a overnight trip tomorrow night. So far have gone into my room, looked at my tent, my bedroll and pack. Thought, everything looked good…. Done no packing. Suspect its going to be a mad rush tomorrow after work to get everything together. Might get my pack packed before bed tonight… maybe not.

Edit: I just remember, I have done one thing tonight. I washed, dried and oiled my emblem pro reel :grin:
Edit 2: Just ordered crimps, plus swivels, line, and a few other bits and bops. Also grabbed a new rod stand to bring total purchase over $80 to get free shipping. Spend a extra $65 to save $5 8) They are cool rod stands, wanted one for ages. Left one of mine at Blue Gum a few weeks back :?
edit: 3 Packed pack around 11:40pm, before going to bed checked forecast. Decided Saturday-Sunday looking better :cry: . Atleast my pack is ready for the weekend. Had to tear my room apart to find the stuff sacs for my bed roll and sleeping bag.