Re: Forum Competition


Thanks for that Birdlings. No Quad and the day I did came out there I was in my Isuzu Mu and even veturning a bit off the carpark gravel area scared.
Me. Guess I am just to used to big long flat sandy beaches. Will sort it out when I get there, Nice beard and Ky your mate has there. I think HQ will do me, can wander back and forward as I wish. Fish, lounge, then fish. And yep checked out Google Earth and over the year or two I have been here have read every Birdlings Post I could find. Must say I do like the steep drop off compared to our more flat beaches. Just a pity ya didn’t get the odd snapper there. But to be honest Rig and Eles are far better tasting in my view. Mostly Greyboys over here, rig If you target them. And like you fella’s in the winter the plague sets in, Spikeys and the Red things. But alway the odd goood Ky around. Have to go down the Coast a bit for the Eles tho.

Cheers Trev