Re: Forum Competition


Te Mata Hapuku (the eye of the Grouper).is Birdlings Flats old Pa name…its only 180 odd years that forsyth has been the sea..under 6000 years ago the waimak used to come out in ellesmere..400 years ago the most common easy to catch and dry in the sun species was couta..the early whalers thought upon sighting land the racks of couta drying in the sun were huge buildings with shiny roofs..then there were the small smokehouses with huge sides of hapuka steadily smoking alongside the odd gutted human..either someone who had pissed you off..or a slave that was more useful in death..there are still residents here that remember huge hapuka being caught here at this time of year when they frequent the shallows..hence the name of my place Wharehapuku Art Studio..