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shark slayer

went out yesterday to try get my first rainbow trout on the fly..took a while to get to the river because access has been changed..made my way to a spot eventualy and started walking the river looking for good water..this section of the river wasnt the greatest but after half an hour i found i nice deep slower channel of water to the side of heavy flow..had 3 drifts without a touch and then my fourth drift just as i was lifting the line to recast my indicator went under and a 2.5 odd pound bow swam towards me and leapt in the air..i was completely caught off guard and quickly tried to strip line to tighten up but it flicked the hook and was gone..i sat there stunned for a few seconds laughing at the comedy of what had just happened but at least i had hooked my first bow and i was confident there would be another fish holding in the water..i flicked my nymph back up stream and about mid drift my indicator stalled and i struck..a nice wee bow flew into the air and this time i was ready..after a short but fiery scrap i landed my first only went 1 1/2lb but it was a well conditioned wee fish..then the southwest came up and it became to hard to cast so i packed it in..happy to get my first bow first time i want a cuda!