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shark slayer

went out to try get my first trout on a dry fly yesterday eve..found a big jack holding under a couple of overhanging branches rising to surface feed..spotted him at the last minute and quickly ducked down..any closer and would of spooked him..sat and watched him for a while then tied on a #14 elk hair caddis and put a cast over him…no response..let the next cast go a bit further upstream..ignorance again…put in another 10 casts with no response then saw him smash a mayfly that hit the water further upstream than all my casts..aah got it,hes looking further up stream thats why my offerings are being cast i planted a bit further up..he came across and nailed it..set the hook and a few minutes later a 9lb jack was landed..he was solid as and had awesome colours i almost thought it was a bow for a while..pretty stoked to egt my first on a dry..tied myself of course 8)