Re: fishing tara bay kenepuru sound


Snapper are the main species. The wharf is not the most productive spot. When I was last there in September, the track down to Island Point was in poor condition. Hopefully someone has re-cut it over the summer holidays.

Kingfish are a possibility, and I have seen Thresher Sharks and Sevengiller Sharks also in the area. Other bait fish like Kahawai, Mullet, Mackerel and maybe even Trevally should be present.

If you have heavy enough gear, fishing a live bait fish off the end of Island Point could result in a Kingfish or maybe a thresher shark. Otherwise strayline a tough bait like Squid or fresh Mullet during the day and change to a soft juicy bait like Pilchard once it gets dark and the Spotties have gone to bed. If you are losing a lot of gear, try straylining without a sinker. Fishing the foul ground might cost you a few hooks, but that is where the Snapper feed

Good luck and let us know how you get on.