Re: Fishing in Timaru – Does anyone recommend the place?


I haven’t had much luck in my first season in Timaru, I have caught small school sharks, small red cods, small Warehou, Wrasse etc. but nothing worth keeping. I have been persisting with fishing mostly close to town because it is so convenient, my fishing time is often limited and there are fishable spots when its onshore.

Just had some newb questions also:

What should I be targetting around Timaru (close if possible) this time of year? Which spots should be likely?

How much time do you usually need to put in to expect decent catches?

I have been using 4oz upside down pyramid sinkers, is that much too light? How essential are breakaway sinkers?

I have been using 25lb mono with 35lb 2 hook dropper rig, is that too heavy? Will it be effecting my casting, I seem to be only able to cast (I guess) about 30-40 metres or so. Not sure if it’s my technique, the line weight, the sinker weight or the
cheap 12ft “Gone Fishing” rod that I bought.