Re: Fishing in Akaroa


Hey, dont know about the Akaroa side but a few weeks ago a mate & I fished a rocky outcrop on the Wainui side of the harbour, unsure of its name sorry. Follow the road the main rd through Wainui, past the wharf until you start to head up again on Bossu Rd, right on a corner you will see it. If you check out Google Earth its about 850m past the Jubilee rd turnoff.
Parking at the top & a well worn track down to the beaches/rocks. We got plagued by Banded Wrasse, & mate lost 2 bloody good Moki right on the waters edge. Another few takes that were distinctly Moki like as well, good takes & straight into the kelp! the 14lb I was spooled with was havin a hard time coping with that. Nice spot though all the same, will head back again for sure, btw this was in the middle of the day! Butterfish & the odd paua if youre that way inclined too. :grin: