Re: Fishing – Dusky Track


I have found NZ trout to shy away from fireline, so I would bring some clear line for a leader. The rod and reel should be accurate for most trout. I personally use a Shimano 2500 size reel. With regards to lures, bring along a random assortment. Everyone has their favourite lures and they all seem to work at times. Maybe also bring alone a few nymphs and bubble floats in case the conditions are low and clear.

Also read this for trout fishing … g-regs.pdf

Bait fishing is probably the most popular method for catching blue cod. If you hook onto something big your reel would suffer but it should be up to the task on cod. I doubt any big granddaddy groper would be about, maybe schoolies. I would bring along a few larger hooks (7/0) and sinkers to allow good casting distance. You should be able to find fresh bait from the shoreline. Groper and cod are not normally caught on lures. I would also use a leader.