Re: Fishing D’Urville Island


OK.. I’ve done some digging to get myself acquainted with the area and rules and found the following for anyone interested…

Apparently from the 1st of April the Ban on Blue Cod on Marlborough Sounds will be lifted, but the Daily Bag Limit will be only 2 per person and it has to be between 30 and 35 cm to keep… any smaller or any bigger needs to go back in the water…. Man I hope it got this wrong, although It does make sense as the bigger fish lay more eggs, but what a bummer! Also as I understood this rule will apply to even the old “Whole Fish Landing Area” meaning to the east side of D’urville island… and below… also something about Maud Island Area is A No Fish Zone… Check out the Closed Area Map in the Ministry site.. … _Final.pdf

Please correct me If I’m wrong. Cheers