Re: Fishing Depths and Winding Speeds for McIntosh’s


Not sure what this guy is on about with “overhead coons” but it’s not the best advice…

Just try different things; speed, lure weight etc. You want your lure moving at just the right speed to make it wobble and 1) not look like a leaf and 2) make it look enticing to SNAP at.

Here’s something I learned from my grandad who passed a lot of Salmon knowledge down to me – Salmon are much like loin cubs… If a loin cub sees a piece of string moving slowly it’s boring and is probably not going pounce on it… if it’s moving in such a way that gets it’s attention it will pounce on it and bite it. Well it’s the same principle for the lure you’re using!!!! Make it enticing!

If there’s a good current then don’t wind so fast. If there’s not current wind faster! You need to feel how your lure is moving in the water. See how the lure moves in the water an keep it moving like this over and over and over! hah!

Mac rocks has some pretty deep holes. Generally Salmon will take the slowest easiest water… however, in areas like this they can/will congregate and move all around the place before they hoon upriver when they think it’s the right time.
These lower areas are much different to upriver so you have to fish accordingly. When I’m out in the dinghy I move all over the place. However there seem to be some spots better than others at Mac rocks which change from year to year.