Re: fishing at night


Yeah after dark is the ticket,especially for fish like moki and snapper.Yeah sure you get em during the day but but you can get them in 2 metres of water at night.
Moki come out into the open after dark and snapper come right in shallow to feed.Depending where you are fishing of course.
As Mili said,the weather conditions normally die right down and it is quite pleasant sitting down there in the dark without a breath of wind and the sea just lapping on the shore.
Places that seem dead during the day just comes to life after dark and there is all sorts of shit moving around.One thing that spun me out was watching crabs swimming around just under the surface.I didnt know they could do that… :? Saw alot of small squid darting around with them too.
I dont know about the rest of the people here but I have more luck on quite dark and cloudy days and pretty much any day with low light conditions.
Um so yeah….night fishing is all good…hope this helps lol :mrgreen: