Re: Fishing at Brighton Pier


Hey Zac, I agree totally with what you are saying, in particular regarding fishing later in the evenings, but on the night in question there were many people around who were not fishing. I also know that the cleaners go up there early in the AM, but the point I was trying to make is that there is no need for fish frames dead/dying fish to be left lying around in plain sight, & Im not talking about on the “bait/filleting” areas, but left on the ground. It would only take the “right” people to see this mess or complain about it & the council would be reviewing the regulations again. Recreational fishing does little if anything for their coffers as opposed to tourism etc.
As stated I dont fish there, only really did when it first opened apart from the very rare occasion, so if fishing was banned again it wouldnt worry me too much, but I see that a few of you guys do frequently. It is a great resource for “All”, but some antics I have seen down there you would think that it is purely a fishing platform & everyone else be buggered.