Re: Fishing at Brighton Pier


Here we go AGAIN! I know its an old thread & old topic but felt I would say something regardless.
I went for a walk along the pier last night approx 8pm, a lot of people about fishing & otherwise. Now as I have said before I dont go there much & havent fished it for a number of years. I was astounded firstly by the number of people (mostly immigrants) with crab catchers. Secondly the blatant disregard for the rules, 1 line, no overhead casting etc. Thirdly ….
“What a F@#KEN mess!” there were fish frames, whole fish, crabs, old bait bags & all manner of other shit lying all over the place. Now I stood around for 20-30mins watching proceedings & there were a number of sightseers being a mild evening, is the “no fishing zone” still in affect ? I wouldnt have thought so. Now a few forum members & others worked hard to lobby the council to allow fishing there again but I wouldnt be surprised if it was short lived due to the actions of others, & not just immigrants either! Im a fisherman & I thought the place was disgusting, I heard a few comments from people who were out walking & they had similar thoughts.
Im hoping it wasnt any of you guys down there last night.
Just my rant for the day!