Re: fishing at black rock?? chch


Keep this hush hush lol ………but last season a mate of mine and I tried a new technique ….it worked a treat

Fish the left hand side of the rock , casting towards the rock on the other side of the bay , it’s called giants nose … will spot it ….

Take 2 rods a large bucket and a small bucket, and some burley to attract the mullet ….Catch some mullet and keep them alive in the bucket , keeping in mind the oxygen in the bucket will diminish to the point the mullet will die , so refresh it from time to time using the other bucket

Make sure you have some steel trace and a few triple swivels ……use a normal ledger type rig , the sinker below the swivel by a few feet , and have the the hook on the steel trace off the swivel ……so as to allow the livebait on the hook to swim around and around your main line …..
That’s right , you fish the bottom with a live bait ……you wont be able to cast too too far , but far enough the avoid the foul …..even if you use a little section of line half the breaking strain of the mainline maybe so it can break free if you do snag it by some chance ……

We found the crabs wont touch the livey , which is the main issue fishing the bottom over there during the day …..and dogfish leave it alone to

You will catch kahawai , barracuta and sharks ..maybe even a kingie

You can see by the rod action if the livey has morphed into a deady … no time is lost guessing etc

We caught some sizable school sharks earlier this year this way , something Ive never seen taken off the rocks there ….I suspect many of the predatory fish are hunting closer to the bottom over there , the visibilty isnt that great so it makes sense to get the bait where the fish are ….I have a feeling some good catches will be reported off there if this technique is used more …..