Re: fishing around waimate??


cheers troutfishernz that topic helped.

sevengillz thanks. The first red cod i caught looked awsome (not that i knew what it was :lol: ) no parasite looking things when i caught it. but once i got it home in the bucket there was a sea lice and a few worm looking things in the bottom of the bucket. I figured they were what the red cod had ate. Didn’t infect the family ether. i have learnt that if you lightly salt the fillets and refergirate for a night the texture is alot better for eating. If only i knew i could use them for bait, i have thrown probably 3 or 4 good sized back because they looked infected.

and also for anyone who wants to catch only red cod, i have found that the gulp soft bait NUCLEAR CHICKEN catches them and nothing else down here touches it.