Re: fishing around waimate??


Awsome will try there when the weather decides to get a bit better :roll: .
what kind of setup do you need for the sevens? do they chew through line? an can you eat them?

I usually run 20pd main line, 60 pound leader (seems to do well with the rocks) with a two hook setup an home made spoon sinker at the bottom, on a 15ft shakespeare ugly stick.

Im from bay of plenty so shark wasn’t something we ever tried to catch. I have very little knowledge of sharks or most species down here, just what iv learnt over the last year. Which has been see what i can catch then ask anyone around if its worth keeping.

also i forgot to put this in the first post, i have herd that red cod caught down here is usually full of worms. A couple i have caught have had ugly, what i can only describe as thin cylinder shaped red things protruding from the front half out of the body (an im not meaning the feeler things) by only 1cm at the most. its hard to explain but looks like somethings bored its way out. could this be worms? and how do i know if the red cod i catch isnt going to worm my family?

sorry for the probably stupid questions. any help would be much appericated though.

cheers MK