Re: fishing around waimate??

shark slayer

hi mate..the best bait for red cod in my opinion is raw prawn and that way you also avoid the doggys…red cod have an undeserved reputation as worm ridden and no goo to eat fish but it is far from the truth..alot of species of fish can get worm..i find most red cod i catch to be generaly catch the worm filled cod near river mouths as they come in to cleanse themselves of the worm in the fresh water..but not all the river mouth cod have worm alot will still be fine…the worm they have is not harmfull to humans but if you fillet one and it is infested just follow sevengills advise and bang it out for a big tope or giller…the external growths they have do not effect them or the flesh at all and i also have seen them on blue cod,kahawai and tope up in the gill area…everyone will tell you to salt the flesh or put it in milk but all that does is ruin the them down strait away and put them in a cold refrigerator over night before filleting and you will receive big thick solid fillets with no watery texture and they are super good eating… :) cheers.