Re: Fisherman almost drowns off the Waimac today


Hey you were lucky on your Yak. I was out in water on the east coast of NI off Glendhu with 3 – 4 meter swells – but I was in a bay and thought I was safe behind the reef. A freak wave caught me while I was trying to free my surf casting buddy’s line. No paddle in hand (bad boy) and no time to react. To make matters worse I got caught up in the anchor running rig and could not slide free. Got smashed into the gravel bottom head first – twice – and I felt my neck creaking away. After 3 full 360s under water I managed to get free and clamber to the shore dragging my Yak. 2 days later after x-rays also realised I had 2 – maybe 3 broken ribs. I consider myself quite lucky. Luckily I had ditched all my fishing gear before going in to try freeing his line otherwise would no doubt have lost the lot. Next time I will take my white water yak as well – actually next time I will just tell him to cut the line and be done with it :-)