Re: Final Forum Comp details(BIRDLINGS FLAT)


there was a biggish swell out here today but a lone fisher managed to pull a kahawai and a small greyboy out of I said hard conditions so what..we just have to work a little harder..sunday doesnt look half as bad though..even if its a coupla hours before the finish..ya never know..I think it might be nice to have a more social event than a downright sea the end of the day..I hope everyone walks away with a smile and possibly some new friends.There is less than a third of the fish around than when I was a young fella and a big part of the 2nd biggest in NZ (fishing)is getting out in the elements and fresh air and having ago!And we all know lawn bowls is the biggest participation sport in NZ..but somehow I dont fancy that..Thanks Guys for the support..The event will be as good as the people who come to it..Please ph 329 0002 for any enquires..Cheers Ian

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