Re: Final Forum Comp details(BIRDLINGS FLAT)


I caught two real big hangovers. It was a very social Fishing Competition indeed. Elmo not only got two rig,( and he needs a new hat) but I suspect he to is a little seedy today. Ian was the perfect host. Just don’t touch his single malt whiskey. The fishing was buggered at about 1pm when a bloody great on shore wind sprang up. It disappeared by about 6pm, but by that time Elmo and Sandra and a few of us, were well into Happy Hour. Well it wasn’t just a one hour thing either. Had two chucks on the way back to Christchurch. And they werent sinkers I was chucking either. :grin: Next time I come over to go to Birdlings Flat, the grog stays behind, and I will join the Temperance Union. (Well for a couple of days). Great time had by all. Great people. The youngies (Fisherman24 and his two mates) had a last minute fish, to show us oldies how it is done. But we had put a hoodo on the place, so they were skunked. But hey they did real well the night before. No Eles caught Mili. Just Randals Rig and Elmo’s two rig. All early in the morning. Daylight early. I have to confess, my rod never hit the beach. Well I had to give Elmo a chance didn’t I :grin: and my nickname isnt matttress for nothing, you know. The 4 metre swell was a non event. Saturday I reckoned the sea was flat and looked most fishable, Dwayne and his mates proved that Saturday night, with the multiple rig catch.

Yep a great two days at Birdlings for me. Well done Ian. ” THAT MAN DESERVES A TUI “

Cheers Trev aka Hardy