Re: Favourite flies


WOOLLY BUGGER! Seriously I use it everywhere where bullies or small fish are on the menu, lighte grey/white in esturies, smaller green/brown in lakes.
Pretty fun sight-fishing with them, watching a trout hammer it when you cast it a couple of feet away then twitch it. Almost the only streamer I use, apart from the odd rabbit fly, or smelt.

Nymphs, haven’t found too much difference between them, weather it be a hares ear, p-tail, or the like, so carry quite a few imitations, and a damsel nymph for still water.

Dries- Big royal wulfs (size 8) work well on fish jumping for damsels, blowflies for prospecting with an indicator fly and gets taken a fair bit too,
then elk hair caddis, emergers, dad’s favourites and cicadas.

Thats about all the flies I use…