Re: Electri Kontiki


Personally too me its not sporting, (my beliefs) sending something out with a motor and then just whinching fish in, Sure its a way to “sometimes” secure a feed not always, but i rather the feel of a fish on the rod, taking abit of line you get some back, Kontikis take away the fun/fighting aspect, i also think landing fish on a rod gives some smaller ones a better chance in which if they are to be released they will survive, you could send the tiki out and fish could hook on onthe way out so they have to be dragged all the way out too your chosen distance often around 1000m and then dragged back, if they are too small often some will be fucked by the time they get back in, have seen this before with eles and rig, one person dragging back 10 dead rig, only being able to keep 5 of these this making the other five a sad waste ,