Re: Electri Kontiki


Here’s another opinion….these things are just made for, and sold to people that cant fish, in a nutshell. It truly pisses me off to be standing on a west coast beach fishing for snaps with two rods, one hook on each, and watch as some plonker sets up next to me and sets their “harvester” out and pulls in 5-10 snaps, some of which I was certainly going to catch at a different stage of the tide. If people are so desperate for a feed, either go to the shop and buy some fish, or learn to really fish, same as I had to and feel what a real fish feels like on a line, not just a dead weight. The bloody things should be banned, full stop….oh, and by the way, yes I can afford one if I wanted one, and what’s more, I could do some serious damage to the fish stocks if I so desired, but I value the resource and respect the fish far too much to just harvest them. If you are having trouble catching sufficient fish for a feed, by usual practice, look me or some of the other respondents up, as we might be able to help.