Re: Eels


I dont think eels are great eating and even if you smoke them you cant get rid of that mud-fish taste.You got to remember a freshwater eel of that size would be very old.Could be looking around 50 years old plus.There are big eels up here in our lakes and they are protected.Some of them have been estimated to be in excess of 100 years old.
Really it would be a shame to kill him especially if you didnt plan on eating him in the first place.I take the odd freshy for bait but I only take 1 or 2 bootlaces and always pull the bait away if a bigboy is going for it.I have alot of tame eels at the back of my property and its cool being able to take the kids down and feed them in the middle of the afternoon and Its amazing just to think that some of the big ones that come out are atleast twice my age.

Im not going soft either :lol: I just have a newfound respect for these old-timers