Re: Edible fish over winter?????


Lyttelton Harbour
School shark, or tope, is sold in the shops under the name of flake or white fillets. Rig is sold in the shops as lemonfish. Spiny Dogfish is sold in the shops as snow fillets. All are very good to eat and are quite expensive to buy!

My son and I went fishing today off the rocks near the naval point slipway in Lyttelton Harbour. We fished as the sun was setting and for a couple of hours into the night. We caught and released several young spiny dogfish but there was no sign of red cod.
A couple of blokes returned just before dark in a runabout. They had been fishing around the heads at the entrance to the harbour but had not brought back a single fish. They reported catching and releasing only small dogfish! I have had some good catches of cod from the harbour in past years. Has anyone else had much luck fishing Lytrtelton Harbour lately?

It is worth mentioning that the road that ran along the water’s edge from the fuel terminal to Naval Point is now closed as part of work being done on the new sewage outfall. You can’t even get to the purpose built fishing platform any more.
Yellowfin :|