Re: Driving on the beach.


Couple of nights ago, I decided to see how my truck preformed on the beach at seaview.

Stopped at the carpark, inspected the soft sand and the rocks… Mmmm.

Back into truck and across the sand and onto the beach gravel, it was easy driving at first. There are a few cool looking cliffs about halfway to the mouth. Anyway, the beach grew smaller and smaller, in one section I had to drive through the waves there was so little room. There was heaps of sand humps and hollows I had to cross beneath the high tide mark :( , they were slightly to soft for comfort but never really got stuck.

Quickly got to the Awatere river mouth, not much room to park or to turn…. apart from being low I did not know what the tide was doing and I was a bit cornered about the narrow section… Got my truck wet on the way back… For the most part the beach was easy driving.

Getting back to the carpark was the hard part. My initial attempt resulted in failure, so backed off and set my surf rods up. Back into the truck and in low box slowly creped through the soft sand, had to reverse once but slowly got back onto firm ground…

Would not be heading back down there by myself any time soon, might be prepared to accompany another truck.