Re: Driving on the beach.


It does look like a interesting spot if you follow the theory that the fish concentrate at spefefic locations. (I mainly beleive they swim parrael to the coast in most cases). There would be very little room to drive at high tide when the fishing is best. I suspect at high tide and a modest swell the waves would be touching the cliff. Tempted to drive back down there for a better look.

From memory there was 2-3 car widths of compact sand ( the waves covering them in the odd spot), then a bit of a climb to a rugged stony section of maybe 10m to the cliff. It looked a bit to rough for driving.

My truck has all Terran tyres so they are tready but not to tready. They still dug into the beach at times so had to keep my speed up.

It was a calculated risk, I knew it was possible to drive on the compact sand which is below water at high tide. Myself and others often drive on it at Marfells, plus I seen the ute driving along it at Blind river. My main concern was the stoney shingle sections, but that is typically above high-tide and there was plenty of time to free myself. In reality the only place it looked like getting stuck was the dry sand when returning to the carpark.

I really should install a towbar and that way I could bring the work motor bike down there.