Re: Distance Casting Rapalas


Best Rapala for action and casting is the new XRAP8 long cast lure.

The XRAP-08 has great action and long cast system, it can be “twiched” back to you wich has a darting baitfish action and a neutral buoyancy. I have seen fish following my lure and just stopped winding and wammo before they know it they are ontop of it and there instincts take over. Thats something you cant do with a tazzi or toby.. I use a long (7’6″) very soft rod and light super braid and I can cast small Rapalas down to a size CD1 fish go mental on these small minnows. If fishing bigger water or lakes the XR8-TR is my all time faverate lure…! Searunners love it.!

There is also a XRAP DEEP 08 this is awesome for fishing deep holes or guts where normal lures dont/cant get down to.

The new OG (olive Green) colour looks awesome looks cool too.

Tight lines.!