Re: Distance Casting Rapalas


floating articulaed rapalas are meant for slow retrieval and they stay on the surfcace, the faster you reel it in; the deeper it goes.
Great for where i fish n my nearby lagoon where you get trout splashing for an hour in under a foot of water.
[ ha… went fishing today took me an hour of casting a rapala on the same trout for him to take it and for me to land him…]
but that doesnt happen often rapala look good in and out of the water [to you and the fish]

But if you have a stiff rod to start with there may be no point buying rapalas if you have a nice proper flicky trout rod then 8-9 lb braid will make all the differance to you casting those light wee rapalas.
Just tie the braid on to the end of a reel [almost full] of mono-line.