Re: Competition Dates 2009


Think I’ll stick to Amberly ……there’s something about that Kaikoura comp that smells odd …

I mean , you go to the weigh in station 40 mins after the comps finished and are told your daughters conger is the leading fish ….all weigh in marshalls have done their thing …..
Woohoo , straight to the pub hehe

You get back to the prizegiving , and find out a guy caught a bigger fish right at the start of the comp but kept it hidden all day , taking to the weigh in himself right at the close of the comp …..

You can accept that thats possible , but then you recall that same guy was at the pub before you arrived ….half way thru a jug no less ….

The year before , after the comp was closed a visit to the signin/weigh in area to find out where prizegiving is held , the winning fish was pointed out , it was roughly only 2/3rds the size of mine and low and behold it won …strange as the bloke who caught it was north of me , and I saw every fish that went past me that day …

Its possible all sorts of strange conincidences were at play , and it was just the roll of the dice , but you tell me what other comp would let you weigh in a shark that been beached for several hours at a miminum …….

Overall tho , great comp , shitloads of good prizes , and if I didnt live as far from it as I do , Id be keen to try for 2nd again lol ……