Re: Comp results ….

Fishy Bishy

Up here (Levin area) we had the summer surf contest on Sunday at Waitarere Beach, between Levin and Foxton.
Beach very like New Brighton, long flat and sandy.
Wind was in our faces all day from Norwest then northerly.
Crap sea with waves crashing in from about 200m and beyond.

Bugger all fish weighed in, about 11 Kahawai all-told.
No Snapper caught at all, prize balloted out five ways, $100 each.

Winning fish 2.7kg, then 2.2kg, 2.1 and 2 then down to just on 1kg or thereabouts.
Only 4 places and spot prizes, kids section (None caught) and Ladies section (Winner caught 2 Kahawai!)

Overall, a good day on the water but a crap day for results.
Congrats to the winner, Ian Anderson, who also took 4th place!