Re: Commericial reported catch, worth a look.


Ive noticed the fish numbers growing from year to year since the ban ….school sharks have been rather thin over the last 2-3 years tho

Stocks of rig and elephant fish are being hammered down here , and its getting worse every year ….those damn torpedos are to blame ……
Ive seen a couple of guys thrashing them at Spencers park , maybe a dozen rig on 1 haul , had already filleted one bunch , and had the thing out again when I left ……all small rig 3-4lb and they do it regularly ….someone told me there are 10 different torpedos giving it the shits regularly at that one beach alone … beaches north of the waimac have been getting hammered to ……and they are now working birdlings flat – rakia area …..
I heard of 2 guys getting 23 elephants in 2 sets …..I know a guy who caught 13 in a set , weekend before last ….all large cows — there’s just no need to take that much fish , unless you have a buyer for it ….
Oh lets not forget the 2 blokes thrashing the coopers area late last year ….no doubt they are still making a killing somewhere along the coast ….

Nets have gone , but the greedy fishos are still making $$$ , and it has to stop