Re: Christchurch Pier fishing ban lifted


A lot of people still not following the rules down there. Some Asians still using 2 + rods and overhead casting. Some others down there go crazy at the asians and other people with 2 or more rods, but they don’t follow half the rules themselves with overhead casting etc. Most of the time these people are drinking during the day, so by the time it gets later they are fairly drunk. Both times I’ve been there in the last week or two, I’ve seen people urinating off the side/on the Pier, including one Maori lady. Hopefully a lot of these people get trespassed soon.

One of the Asians there got his line tangled with mine when I wasn’t watching and ended up cutting my line off. This was after some guy on a boat went under the Pier and cut off both my lines, one my cousin was using. Nearly lost both my rods, but luckily the asian guy there grabbed them because I was on the other side of the pier at the time. So I lost quite a bit of gear.