Re: Christchurch Pier fishing ban lifted


Hi Guys. Unfortunately there are still a few arseholes pushing the boundaries down there. The council have a guard on duty over the weekends who is starting to make a bit of headway and there will be a few tresspass notices issued now too. The rangers are calling down there during the week but cant be there 24/7. That said if any of us see these people flaunting the rules then ring the number shown on the signs and ask for a ranger to come down. The council have said they will do their best to sort it out and if we can help them it is all good. If you have no joy there the Ranger pager number is 0262525093. This may even be the best # to call as a ranger will call you back and you can speak with them directly. I see Counciller Gail Sheriff is on her high horse again trying to have fishing off the pier banned completly and has had CTV down there videoing the asians with their multiple rods along with an artical in a local paper. Booger and myself have done our part in getting the ban lifted, it is now up too all of us to make sure that it stays that way.