Re: Christchurch Pier fishing ban lifted


Hey all, been awhile.
At the risk of opening up old wounds, I took a walk along the pier today at 7:00am havent been there for a couple of years but was up early checked the tides & thought I’d have a look(took no rods). Could see a couple of bodies at the end with rods so went down to suss out what was being caught. Noticed all the signs stating ‘1 rod or handline, per person’ got too the end & found there were 2 people fishing with 4 rods, 3 handlines, & 1 of those crab thingies. 1 guy caught a decent sized Spiny while I was there which once landed proceed to writhe around & make a general mess of the guys tackle, which was meet with a swift stomp on the fishes head killing it! Once the line was untangled he threw it over the side. I know that the doggies are not most people ‘catch of choice’ but I cant help but think that its irresponsible fcukwits like these people that ruin it for others.
Who polices the rules that are in place?
What if any, are the penalties for blatant disregard of said rules?

I was also most dissapointed to see all the vandalism, tagging & etching prevelant on/around the pier & NewBrighton in general, but thats an issue for another forum, I would throw the bastards off the end along with irresponsiblr fisherman!