Re: Cheesy Garlic Trout Dough Bait


A recent change in the rules has been made to accommodate the use of soft plastics.
I think the wording of the change is a little ambiguous. It reads
1. Interpretation
Bait means:
Natural fly.
natural blah
Blah blah.
Blah blah.
Uncoloured bread dough.
Any scented lure constructed of, or treated with, elements that have chemical attractant properties.

ie softbaits.

later on it states:
LURE means any authorised artificial fly, spinner or bait.

So… My interpretation is that if you bought your cheesy garlic trout dough from a tackle store and molded it to look like a fish egg or bug and were fishing in bait permitted waters then yes. Legal.
Not really my cup o char, but whatever blows your hair back.

Any other interpretations?