Re: Cheapest Rapalas


Yes the lure i have found looks prettty much the same as a rapala it is a “Storm” WildEye minnow and commes in perch, brown and rainbow trout patterns.
It sells for $10 on average and It sure catches fish. It is a hardbodied lure with 2 trebble hooks, these are not a floating lure just a very slow sinking lure they weigh about 6 grams i think, and they have a bib on the front so the faster you reel or troll the lure the deeper it goes but watch out because as with all lures if you go to fast the action is stuffed, the reason this casts well is because it has moving ball bearings in it so when you cast all the weight goes to the end.

Oh and tips on using these lures, are use light-line or braid -i use 9lb black magic braid, with 9lb mono line underneath to fill up the spool, i use a double uni knot to tie the two lines together- when casting them when trolling thats not nessecary, and if putting a spinner onto the split ring on the lure make it the smallest possible spinner you can find- i use a spinner off a cobra lure as they are the smallest I have seen- and don’t replace the trebble hooks on the lure with larger or single hooks, if you have to replace them find a trebble hook the same size because otherwhys the action of the lure will not work, and thats it; enjoy :)

Here is a picture, Hope this helped :)